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ASSYST-Remote Online Training

Acute Stress Syndrome Stabilization Remote (ASSYST-R) Procedure Online Training

This online training, designed for both EMDR-trained and non-EMDR trained therapists, will teach you the ASSYST-Remote (Acute Stress Syndrome Stabilization - Remote). The ASSYST-Remote is an AIP-informed procedure developed as a psychophysiological, algorithmic, symptom-focused approach specially designed for persons who do not have ready access to “in person” care and present intense or overwhelming sensory input, body sensations, or emotions.  

Join trauma expert, Dr. Ignacio (Nacho) Jarero, a world pioneer in EMDR Therapy Humanitarian Trauma Recovery and Research Programs, for an insightful

3-hour online training that will expand your clinical knowledge base and powerful tool that can be used right after completing the training. 

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Virtual EMDR Basic Training

Virtual EMDR Basic Training

EMDR Training includes Part I and Part II, each of which are three-day online training sessions, as well as 10 hours of consultation on EMDR Therapy, and reading an EMDR Therapy book by Francine Shapiro. This EMDR training is EMDRIA-Approved.


1. Describe the eight phases of EMDR Therapy
2. Identify three elements of the Adaptive Information Processing Model
3. Utilize the criteria for client screening for EMDR treatment
4. Develop a treatment plan to prioritize targets for EMDR processing
5. Describe the protocol for closing down incomplete sessions

6. Clarify my use of the eight phase EMDR Therapy approach
7. Implement three strategies to assist with blocked processing
8. Describe two strategies to use with complex PTSD clients
9. Provide two strategies to use with dissociative clients
10. Apply EMDR therapy to present day symptoms

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Advanced EMDR Training Online

EMDR Therapy Protocols for Early Intervention & Ongoing Traumatic Stress Online (on demand) with live Q&A

This online training, designed for EMDR-trained therapists, will expand your clinical and research horizons as you learn and practice EMDR protocols (EMDR-IGTP and EMDR-PRECI) and  AIP-informed Psychophysiological Algorithmic Procedures (ASSYST for Individuals and Groups), that can be provided in-person or online,  with the most research in the EMDR Early Intervention and Ongoing Traumatic Stress field with nearly 50 published research articles.

Would you like to have the knowledge and the tools to address the traumatic stress spectrum from rapid responses and early interventions to recent, present or past prolonged adverse experiences in individuals and groups? 


To join us at this insightful and fun on demand training with live Q&A, click the button below.

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Online EMDR Refresher Course

EMDR Therapy Refresher Course

This online training, designed for EMDR-trained therapists, will help participants build confidence in their EMDR skills and strengthen their understanding and practice of EMDR therapy. 

This training includes didactic learning and demonstration through recorded webinars, as well as live consultation and supervised online practica.


During this course, the following topics will be reviewed... the Adaptive Information Processing Model; the 8 phases of EMDR treatment; modifications for children/adolescents; tools for complex clients; extended preparation/resource development and installation; strategies for blocked processing; considerations and modifications for complex PTSD and attachment trauma; and protocols/modifications for dissociation, anxiety disorders and addictions. 

To join us for this 6-hour on-demand training plus live, online Q&A and practica, click the button below.

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EMDR Intensives Course 

We want to share with you our stories of changing the structure of our practices to give us more time, money and freedom to work with clients that is congruent for us.​ The EMDR Intensives Course offers to clients both in-person and virtually that gets them results faster and gives us the lifestyles that we want. 

Because we began receiving more requests for consultations regarding how to start an EMDR Intensives practice, we thought we would share our collective knowledge and experience on the topic in this comprehensive and affordable online course!


I cannot imagine what I would do without your protocols. As a clinician who works primarily in Tribal communities, the need for effective methods for resolving and stabilizing trauma is more than necessary, it is life-saving. I use them almost daily in my work with patients and continue to be amazed at the reported outcomes, even when using them individually. I also love the way I can coach the Butterfly Hug and other BLS movements via Tele-med or over the phone with strong success. You are all my inspiration!

—  Sally Heath, Washington