The Hive PLUS is a community of specially trained EMDR therapists who have attended Dr. Jarero's Advanced EMDR Training for Early Intervention & Ongoing Traumatic Stress.

Fierce. United. Unstoppable.

Crisis Response Plan (CRP)


Our members are equipped together to rapidly respond to victims of human and natural disasters by provided EMDR & AIP-informed procedures in group and individual settings. Services can be provided within days of an incident, such as a hurricane, school shooting, or a refugee crisis. 

Domestic & International Field Work


Our members provide EMDR & AIP-informed procedures to disenfranchised people around the world in need of relief from their traumatic memories and symptoms. They have the ability to serve hundreds of people at once in a group setting. Many of our Hive members offer services abroad.

Become an Expert in the Field


Members have affordable access to individual and group consultation, peer to peer support, and bi-monthly Q&A opportunities with leaders in EMDR. They don't try to change the world alone. Members in The Hive works together to alleviate human suffering & make trauma recovery accessible for all.

Improve Your EMDR Practice
  • No more feeling powerless and wondering how you can help relieve people's suffering after reading about a tragedy in the news...

  • No more working in isolation or paying an exorbitant amount of money for consultation or advice...

  • No more wondering how you can go abroad doing the work you love...

What is the Hive Plus?

The Hive is a supportive, online membership community of EMDR trained therapists... but not just any EMDR therapists. Members are EMDR therapists that have been trained in Dr. Ignacio (Nacho) Jarero's protocols: EMDR-IGTP, EMDR-PRECI protocols & ASSYST procedures. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you haven't yet completed one of Dr. Jarero's 2-day trainings, then please visit our Training section and sign up for the next one before starting your membership.

Benefits of Becoming a Member
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The online portal has a training hub comprised of online modules each focused on supporting and equipping you to serve on the Crisis Response Team, conduct groups successfully, marketing your groups, simplify logistics by automating group registrations, raising money to conduct international field work, mastering the pre and post tests, publishing your research and much more!


Membership includes bi-monthly Office Hours for all Hive members, where you have your questions personally answered by the Scaling Up Team on a regular basis. Members can submit weekly questions to the team, which are answered through a written or video response. Videos will be recorded and saved as a resource for all members inside the portal when needed.

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All Hive members gain immediate access to our private Facebook group. This is a place where members come together to learn, encourage and grow in their EMDR practice, specifically for using the EMDR-IGTP, EMDR-PRECI and ASSYST. It is also a place where you can quickly and easily recruit others to help organize your rapid response team after a crisis or assist with your field work.


The Hive is a community of mental health therapists interested in learning more about psychotherapy from a social justice, anti-oppression and trauma recovery perspective. All Hive Plus members get access to these trainings and community, in addition to the extra services inside the Hive Plus. To learn more about the Hive, click here.

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Energy Efficiency Consultation


We have consultants within the membership portal that are uniquely experienced therapists in utilizing the EMDR-IGTP, EMDR-PRECI and ASSYST. They have experience working with various populations & conducting international field work. The portal has access to sign up for discounted EMDR Consultations at $25/person per group. We max the groups at 4 people per group. EMDRIA's Certification requirements include that "Consultation focuses on the mastery and integration of standard EMDR therapy in practice." Therefore, EMDRIA Certification hours only count if the consultation is about the EMDR Standard Protocol. 

Hive Pricing

If you purchase your membership at the Training event, then you are offered membership at a discounted rate of:

  • $147/year for nonprofit and government workers and students

  • $197/year for private practitioners

** You also receive a 14-day free trial to decide if you want to continue your membership and be charged at that time.


If you choose not to purchase your membership at the Training, then you are offered our Standard rate of:

  • $20 per month (or $240 per year) 


Your Hive Plus Membership will be renewed either monthly or annually (depending on which you signed up for) unless you choose to cancel. You will receive an email reminder before your Hive Plus Annual Membership will be renewed. 

You must request your cancellation BEFORE you are charged. Once your monthly or annual charge goes through, then you your purchase is nonrefundable and nontransferable. If you cancel at that time, then we will unsubscribe you from the automated renewal.

Ready To Join Our Hive Plus?

To start your membership now, please email us at with a copy of your Certificate of Completion after attending Dr. Ignacio (Nacho) Jarero's training 2-day training on the EMDR-IGTP, EMDR-PRECI and ASSYST. If you don't have your certificate available, then tell us what training date and location you attended. After we confirm with our records, then we will send you the registration page to begin your membership with us.


The networking opportunities being a member of the Hive, to have that ability to reach out to colleagues and professionals who have so much more experience and knowledge and to be able to bring it back and apply it without actually having to leave Rawlins, Wyoming.


You must have attended one of Dr. Jarero’s two-day trainings in order to join the Hive. If you have not yet attended Dr. Jarero's two-day training of the EMDR-IGTP, EMDR-PRECI protocols and the ASSYST procedures, then you are not eligible to join the Hive at this time. Click here to register for a training today!

 If you have already attended Dr. Jarero's one-day training of the EMDR-IGTP and EMDR-PRECI then we can give you a discounted price of $200 to attend his two-day training. This is will include your ability to join The Hive online membership program. If you are interested in this opportunity, then please contact us with the date and location of the IGTP/PRECI training that you attended.