A "pay what you can," online training community of mental health therapists creating systemic change and large scale impact through: humanitarian work, rapid response teams, trauma recovery interventions, research, social justice and anti-oppression work.

Benefits of Becoming a Member
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Our portal is a training hub comprised of online teachings each focused on supporting and equipping you to create systemic change in the world through: humanitarian work, rapid response teams, trauma recovery groups, research, social justice and anti-oppression work. Each month, we offer a teaching: expert interview, case conceptualization, presentations, case studies and other relevant topics to enhance your expertise. Not only do you receive new content each month, our members also have access to our archive of previous teachings. Scroll down to see a list of our archived teaching subjects!


Membership includes monthly live Q&A sessions for all Hive members, where you have your questions personally answered by the Scaling Up Team and experts. Members can submit questions to the team in advance or join us live for a discussion on relevant topics and teachings. All Q&As are recorded and archived in the Hub for members to view later (if they are not able to join us live). 

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All Hive members gain immediate access to our community forum. This is a place where members come together to learn, encourage and grow in their therapy practice. It is also a place where you can ask questions to your peers and get support from others in the community. Therapists use this forum for networking opportunity and clients referrals as well.


Many of our monthly teachings are conducted by experts on a particular topic that month. For many of the experts interviewed, we offer Hive members their contact information so if you want to follow up with that expert for consultation, supervision and more, then you are able to do so. It is a great opportunity to learn from an expert that works in your area of interest, such as with children, with EMDR, with a social justice lens and more so you can find the best mentor for yourself in your practice.

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Monthly Topics you'll have Instant Access to Include: 

  • Cultural Responsiveness When Working with the Latinx Community

  • Challenges and Tips in the Treatment of Children with Developmental Trauma and Dissociation 

  • How to Prepare and Cope with the Worst Case Online Scenarios 

  • What to do When Shelter-in-Place is Not Safe Enough 

  • Social Justice in Psychotherapy: Where to Begin

  • How to Treat Children with Creative Online Strategies During the Coronavirus Pandemic

  • ...and our library just keeps growing!


The Hive Membership is unique because it is based on a sliding scale of what you can afford. We don't want cost to be prohibitive for therapists to join this community. When you sign up for the Hive, you choose the monthly amount you prefer to pay (minimum of $5 per month). 

Please note: A portion of all memberships goes towards providing pro-bono services, our scholarship fund, rapid response interventions, research, and humanitarian work to those in need around the world. Any extra that you choose to pay is always appreciated :)

Click on one of the buttons below to pay what you can - monthly or annually! 


Your Hive Membership will be renewed either monthly or annually (depending on which you signed up for) unless you choose to cancel. You will receive an email reminder before your Hive Annual Membership will be renewed. 

You must request your cancellation BEFORE you are charged. Once your monthly or annual charge goes through, then you your purchase is nonrefundable and nontransferable. If you cancel at that time, then we will unsubscribe you from the automated renewal.


IMPORTANT NOTE: We do have an area of the Hive specially designed for EMDR trained therapists who have completed Dr. Jarero's Advanced Training on EMDR Therapy for Early Intervention and Ongoing Traumatic Stress. This section of the Hive is called the "Hive Plus." Members of the Hive Plus receive additional training and information based on the protocols and procedures learned in Dr. Jarero's training. Due to the additional services in the Hive Plus, we do require a minimum of $20/month. For those who do not want  to join the Hive Plus' additional trainings and support, then the monthly amount is "pay what you can" with a minimum of $5/month.

Click here to learn more about the Hive Plus. To join, contact us at info@scalingupemdr.com

Frequently asked questions

What exactly is the Hive?

The Hive is an online community for mental health therapist that want monthly teachings and community support around creating systemic change through humanitarian work, rapid response teams, trauma recovery groups, research, social justice and anti-oppression work. Members receive a new teaching each month, along with access to an archive of previous teachings. Members also have the opportunity to submit questions to the Scaling Up Team and join us for monthly live Q&A. If you cannot join us monthly, then the recorded Q&A session will be posted into the Hub for easy access when it is convenient. Lastly, the Hive offers a community forum for members to get peer support for referrals, networking, case questions and more.

What types of topics are covered in the monthly teachings?

The monthly teachings will all be related to the topic of creating systemic change. Teachings could be related to: humanitarian work, rapid response teams, trauma recovery groups, conducting research, incorporating social justice or anti-oppression work in your practice and more. Members are also able to submit suggested topics inside the portal.

What is the Adaptive Information Processing (AIP) theoretical model?

Dr. Francine Shapiro posits that all human beings have an innate physical information processing system in the brain naturally geared toward health. When an experience is successfully processed, it is adaptively stored in the brain with other similar experiences. However, disruptions to this processing system due to high arousal states from critical incidents or adverse life experiences result in memories that are inadequately processed and maladaptively stored in the brain. These pathogenic memories are triggered by similar stimuli/information from the present and the person reacts to the present as if it were the same situation as the past. In other words, the past is present for these persons. We teach out the AIP model inside the Hive.

Do I need to be EMDR trained to join the Hive?

No. The Hive is open to ALL mental health therapists. EMDR training is based on the Adaptive Information Processing (AIP) model and we do offer EMDR Advanced Trainings at Scaling Up, but the Hive community is not limited to EMDR trained therapists. However, if you are EMDR trained, we have some special aspects and bonus trainings that you can access when you join.

How does the pricing work?

We designed this membership community to be donation based. We are not a nonprofit organization, but we do allow members to choose their monthly price point based on what they can afford (minimum of $5 per month). You may change your membership amount up or down as needed over time. A portion of all membership fees go toward providing pro-bono services, rapid response interventions, research and humanitarian work. We appreciate whichever monthly amount you choose :)

Can I cancel anytime?

Yes, you can cancel your membership anytime. You are not locked in each month.

Do you have Hive options in Spanish for bilingual therapists?

Yes, we have the same community offered in Spanish called La Colmena. This program is 100% separate from the Hive; meaning, there are different monthly teachings, different Q&As and different members in the community. La Colmena focuses more on relevant topics to the Latinx population and Spanish-speakers. You are welcome to be a part of one or both communities. Each have separate monthly payments. Click here to learn more about La Colmena.