We are a group of fierce, united and unstoppable specialized trained therapists doing amazing work in the world.

A dynamic learning experience and community focused on providing trauma interventions to clients with confidence and results.

Three Hive Levels


Designed For All Mental Health Therapists


If you are a mental health trained therapists (have completed or are completing a master's degree in a mental health related field), then you are eligible for this program.

Learning topics: Trauma responses and PTSD, the neuroscience of trauma, case conceptualization topics related to the Acute Stress Syndrome Stabilization (ASSYST) procedure, providing therapy online, and more. 


Designed for EMDR Trained Therapists


If you are an EMDR Trained Therapist, then you are eligible for this program. Those signed up for this level will also have access to all content & community in the Kickstarter Level.

Learning Topics: EMDR in various contexts, case conceptualization topics to help EMDR therapists understand how and when to utilize EMDR with clients, dig deep into case studies for clients with various diagnoses, and more.


Designed for EMDR Therapists Who Have Completed Dr. Jarero's Advanced Training


If you have completed the Advanced EMDR training for Early Intervention & Ongoing Traumatic Stress, then you are eligible for this program, along with the Kickstarter & Growth Levels as well.


Learning Topics: Case conceptualization to understand when to use the Standard EMDR Protocol versus the ASSYST, EMDR-PRECI & the EMDR-IGTP-OTS.

How does it work?

The Hive program offers a continuum of support and training in trauma interventions to mental health clinicians. Each level is unlocked for you based on your level of training received. The content of the monthly trainings for each level is customized based on training received, but the price doesn't change no matter the level you are in.

Benefits of Becoming a Member


The online portal has a training hub comprised of online modules each focused on supporting and equipping you to respond to trauma cases rapidly with confidence and effectiveness. At the beginning of each month, our facilitator will unlock a unique interview from an expert in the field to offer you case conceptualization support, case studies and examples of how to provide interventions to challenging cases. 


Membership includes monthly live Q&A for all Hive members, where you have your questions personally answered by the Scaling Up Team on a regular basis. Members can submit as many questions as they want on any trauma related topic. You may join us live, but videos will also be recorded and saved as a resource for all members inside the portal when needed.


All Hive members gain immediate access to our private community forum. This is a place where members come together to learn, encourage and grow in their practice. It is also a place where you can quickly and easily recruit others to help organize your rapid response team after a crisis or assist with your field work.


Looking to get EMDR consultation hours for certification? We have consultants within the membership portal that are uniquely experienced therapists in utilizing the EMDR-IGTP, EMDR-PRECI and ASSYST. They have experience working with various populations & conducting international field work. The portal has access to sign up for discounted EMDR Consultations at $25/person per group. We max the groups at 4 people per group. 



The networking opportunities being a member of the Hive, to have that ability to reach out to colleagues and professionals who have so much more experience and knowledge and to be able to bring it back and apply it without actually having to leave Rawlins, Wyoming.

Hive Pricing

All plans below offer a 14-day free trial so you can decide if the Hive is right for you.

If you are a student, nonprofit employee, government or school employees or a retiree OR if you live in a lower income country and need financial help to join the Hive, then please click here to submit your application request for a discount.


(Donation-based pricing)

Monthly Training Interviews

At Scaling Up, our goal is to make mental health services more accessible and affordable to all. We feel the same about our training interviews.


Patron’s can choose the monthly amount they want to pay. They only receive access to the monthly training video. To experience the other benefits of monthly membership, they will have to join at the Student or Apprentice rates.




Monthly Training Interviews

Monthly Live Q&A

Hive Community Forum

Full Library of Archived Teachings

Discounts to Training Events

Access to EMDR Consultation (for Growth & Excel Levels)




4 Months Free Each Year


Monthly Training Interviews

Monthly Live Q&A

Hive Community Forum

Full Library of Archived Teachings

Discounts to Training Events

Access to EMDR Consultation (for Growth & Excel Levels)

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