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Pictured Top Left:  A group of EMDR therapists in India getting trained in the EMDR group protocol in 2018. 

Pictured Top Right: A group of therapists in Ethiopia receiving the EMDR-IGTP treatment in 2018. 

EMDR-Based Group Therapy Services
  • Offer EMDR Group Therapy Services at an affordable rate for clients. 

  • Work with nonprofit agencies, NGO's and retreat centers to provide two-day, EMDR Group Therapy Services for your staff and/or clients. If you're interested in contracting with Scaling Up to provide EMDR-based Group Therapy Services to your clients, please contact us at info@ScalingUpEMDR.com 

Education, Awareness & Connections
  • Provide relevant and up-to-date information and research about trauma-informed care and EMDR-based group interventions. Click here to learn more about the research we are conducting.

  • Offer EMDR therapy and AIP-informed procedure educational workshops and information sessions to interested organizations and groups. Contact us to schedule an informational workshop at your site

  • Connect with "like-minded" professionals through our Facebook page. Click here to "like" our page and get updated information and connect with fellow professionals

Pictured: A group of women who had been exploited and trafficked in Bangladesh receiving EMDR-IGTP treatment in 2019.

Expanding Research
  • Partner with academics, doctoral students, nonprofits, NGOs and practitioners to conduct research on EMDR-based group interventions with a variety of populations and settings

  • Present findings and research at conferences

  • Promote research on our website and inform partners, stakeholders and the community about the outcomes

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A portion of all our revenue goes towards providing pro-bono services, to our scholarship fund for therapists, to rapid response crisis interventions, research, and humanitarian work to those in need around the world.


We have an Accessibility Plan and Scholarship Fund, so that any therapist wanting our trainings can find the means to afford them.


The Hive is our online therapist community designed as a "pay what you can," online training community of mental health therapists creating systemic change and large scale impact.

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Photo Credit: Ari Kipnis