Interventions, Training, and Research

Our Services

Scaling Up offers humanitarian services in the United States and around the world. We conduct rapid response interventions after crises, provide EMDR therapy to staff and clients, and conduct research measuring the efficacy of protocols and procedures such as the ASSYST, EMDR-PRECI, and EMDR-IGTP.

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After a crisis, local therapists, first responders, or community leaders will ask us to travel on-location and provide therapy and resources for those affected. We have provided rapid response interventions after the 2019 El Paso shooting, with refugees in Bangladesh and Ethiopia, with cancer patients, and after the 2018 hurricane in Mexico. We also provide online training for local therapists and paraprofessionals to conduct their own rapid response interventions, such as after the 2019 hurricane in the Bahamas. 


Agencies request for Kelly and her team to travel on site to provide the EMDR Integrative Group Treatment Protocol and the EMDR-PRECI and ASSYST to their either:​

  • Staff who are in the helping profession and experience vicarious trauma and burnout (such as therapists, humanitarian workers, medical field staff and more)

  • Clients to enhance services, such as refugees, first responders, cancer patients, and more.

These retreats typically last for a minimum of two-days or more. Sometimes agencies will request both services to be provided to staff and clients, plus training for the staff combined into one trip.

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Scaling Up conducts a variety of research with various populations around the world, specifically measuring the efficacy of the ASSYST procedures, the EMDR-PRECI and the EMDR-IGTP. We have published many articles thus far and plan to continue with the help of our domestic and international communities. Click here to see the list of published articles.