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Hosting a Training

Scaling Up is looking for hosts for Dr. Jarero's Advanced Specialty Application Workshop on EMDR Therapy Protocols for Early Intervention and Ongoing Traumatic Stress in new cities. We look for EMDR therapists to help us host our workshops in cities across the United States. We ask our hosts to be our local eyes and ears, helping us coordinate training logistics such as venue, parking, and food options. In return, we offer free registration along with some other perks! Scroll down to learn more.


Do you think your city is a good match? Apply to host today!

Benefits to Hosting
  • Free registration

  • Save money! No need to spend extra by traveling to other cities to attend the training

  • Bring your local community of EMDR clinicians together in joint collaboration as many communities work together to provide the group protocol locally

We Ask Hosts to Help With...
  • Finding an affordable venue

  • Marketing and Advertising the Event Locally (note: we require a minimum of 50 attendees at the training)

  • Logistics the day before and the mornings of the training days.


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