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____________ is an online community hosted by Scaling Up. Designed to convene therapists, first responders, medical staff, humanitarian workers and others in the helping professional, ________ brings a multidisciplinary approach to support for the helping community.

Each Month in _______

Every month, you can expect the following to happen on Sessions.

Education Books Bookshelves


People that work in the helping community do not always notice the secondary trauma affecting their life and well-being. And even if they do, they do not always know what to do about it. Each month, we release a monthly teaching of readings, exercises, and resources to help members practice self-care, new communication patterns, and educate themselves on the emotional experiences they may be having as a result of the impact of their work. CE Credits can be made available at an additional cost.

Online Workshop


After members have had time to listen to read and digest the monthly teaching, we invite questions and discussion. Then, using Zoom, our team answers your questions in a live webinar format which is also made available in our archives. If you are not able to join us live, then we offer you the opportunity to submit your questions and comments online in advance and we will answer them during the live webinar.

Personal Desk


Our Community Forum is intended to provide a space for reflection, communication, and community building among helping professionals. Members can start conversations based on the most recent videos and teachings, interact with our leaders and guests, and upload resources of their own. 

Organized Desk


We have built a Directory of specifically selected therapists who specialize in using Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy with helping professionals, such as humanitarian workers, first responders, medical staff and fellow therapists. These therapists understand the pressures and experiences of others in these fields and use evidence-based practices to provide support.


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Tier 3


Monthly Education + Growth

CEs Credits (for additional cost)

Access to Therapist Directory

Access to full-library of teachings

Monthly Live Q&A + Discussion

Community Engagement

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Agencies Purchase Plans for Groups

If an NGO, agency, hospital or other organization wants to purchase a pack of memberships in bulk for their staff, then please contact us directly to best set this up for your staff and conduct payment directly.

Once payment is complete, each staff member will be able to sign up for their membership for the allotted time frame based on the agreement.

Group Retreats for Clients

If an agency wants a group of specially trained therapists to provide group therapy to their clients, then Scaling Up can send a team to provide services. 

We have worked with various mental health agencies to provide services to clients, such as first responders, Native American communities, refugees, cancer patients, and more. Pricing will vary on the size of the group. 

Group Retreats for Staff

If an agency wants a group of specially trained therapists to provide group therapy to their staff, then Scaling Up can send a team to provide services. 

We have worked with various agencies treating vicarious trauma with their staff, including mental health workers, human rights advocates, case managers for immigrants & police officers. Pricing will vary on the size of the group.