Online Advanced Specialty Application Workshop

Dr. Jarero's Advanced EMDR Refresher Course:

Utilizing the EMDR-PRECI Protocol & the ASSYST Procedure 

Intended for EMDR therapists who have already completed Dr. Jarero's Advanced EMDR Training for Early Intervention & Ongoing Traumatic Stress.

Dr. Jarero's Advanced EMDR Refresher Course:

Utilizing the EMDR-PRECI Protocol & the ASSYST Procedure 

Dr. Jarero's Advanced EMDR Refresher Course is a multi-module online course for clinicians who have previously completed the Advanced EMDR Training for Early Intervention and Ongoing Traumatic Stress, but have not applied that learning for a period of time, lack confidence in their skills, or wish to strengthen their understanding and practice of the ASSYST-Individual procedure and the EMDR-PRECI protocol. This training included didactic learning and demonstration through recorded webinars, as well as consultation and supervised online practicum. Click here to see a reference list for the EMDR-PRECI and the ASSYST procedure.

The course will include review of:

  • The Jarero & Artigas (2018) acute trauma and ongoing traumatic stress case conceptualization based on Dr. Francine Shapiro Adaptive Information Processing (AIP; 2001, 2018) model

  • The 8 phases of the EMDR-PRECI protocol 

  • The 8 phases of the ASSYST procedure.

  • Enhanced case conceptualization regarding when to use the ASSYST procedure and when to use the EMDR-PRECI.

  • Practicum time to build confidence and understanding of how to effectively implement the ASSYST procedure and the EMDR-PRECI.

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Build your confidence and clinical skills

This training will build your confidence in conceptualization cases and utilizing the EMDR-PRECI protocol and the ASSYST procedure.  Clinicians will also have increased competencies in knowing when to use the EMDR-PRECI verse the ASSYST for certain clients and clinical situations. Click here to see all of the references. 

During the Refresher course, clinicians will have the opportunity to review the training learnings and also practice in a safe and structured environment with colleagues during practicum. 

Workshop Itinerary

What you'll learn over the course of our online advanced EMDR training workshop

Training Objectives

Details on the protocols and procedures you'll learn and practice during the training


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Details and

Pricing for our training workshops, CEU's, and requirements to participate

2-Week Workshop Itinerary
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(PART 1) On Demand Learning Experience through Recorded Teachings

Participants will audit 6-hours of recorded, on demand teachings by receiving the following Modules two weeks before the live, online Practicum. Modules 1-3 below are the same Advanced EMDR training that clinicians already took. This is to refresh and reinforce the learning. Module 4 are new recordings designed to assist with case conceptualization and treatment planning strategies:


  • Participants will review Jarero & Artigas (2018) acute trauma and ongoing traumatic stress case conceptualization based on Dr. Francine Shapiro Adaptive Information Processing (AIP; 2001, 2018) model that could serve as a working hypothesis to expand the clinical and research horizons of the EMDR interventions for individuals.


  • Participants will review Rapid Response, Early Psychological Interventions, Recent Trauma Clinical Presentations, Prevention of PTSD, EMDR based Early Interventions and the Acute Stress Syndrome Stabilization © (ASSYST) procedure.

  • Participant will observe the ASSYST procedure video demonstration.


  • Participants will review the EMDR-Protocol for Recent Critical Incidents and Ongoing Traumatic Stress (EMDR-PRECI).

  • Participant will observe the EMDR-PRECI video demonstration.


  • Participants will observe recording teachings of explanations for strategies to conceptualize client cases and create solid treatment plans with confidence.

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(PART 2) Live Q&A, Didactic Learning and Supervised Practicum Online

MANDATORY: All registered participants for the Live Cohort Course must attend the live Q&A and supervised practicum online portion of the training in order to receive their certificate of completion and EMDRIA credits.

DATES: See below under "Schedule."

TIME: 9:00am - 5:00pm Mountain Time Zone (click here to see your time zone -

During this time, participants will engage in:

  • Live Q&A session with the trainer to review and understand each of the recorded modules. 

  • EMDR-PRECI protocol practicum experience in dyads with consultation

  • ASSYST procedure practicum experience in dyads with consultation

  • Case Conceptualization Q&A time

Training Objectives

1. Describe the eight phases and the three-prongs of the EMDR-PRECI.

2. Describe the eight phases of the ASSYST-Individual procedure.

4. Strengthen the understanding on when to use the ASSYST-Individual or the EMDR-PRECI.

5. Strengthen the understanding on how to develop a treatment plan for the ASSYST-Individual and for the EMDR-PRECI.

6. Practice utilizing the ASSYST-Individual in dyads or triads.

7. Practice utilizing the EMDR-PRECI in dyads or triads.


This 2-week course is designed to release the on demand training during the first week. Then, didactic learning and supervised practicum online during the second week. It is mandatory to attend the live portion of the training if you register for the Live Cohort Course.

See schedule below:

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Starting November 28th, 2020


Part 1: On Demand Teachings (6-hours) 

Training videos released on Saturday, Nov. 28th, 2020

Part 2: Mandatory Live Q&A and Practicum Online - Saturday, Dec. 12th, 2020 from 9:00am-5:00pm Mountain Time Zone (MT)

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Details and Fees

(Note: This is a Commercial Workshop)


  • $297 USD - Early Bird Special Price (if purchased by November 12th, 2020)

  • $350 USD - Standard Registration Price


Hive+ Members receive an extra 10% discount. Email us at to receive your discount code before registering. If you want to become a Hive+ Member, then please email us to get signed up :)

For participants who may need financial assistance, Scaling Up has created an Accessibility Plan to try to help mitigate financial stress. To learn more about the Accessibility Plan, click here.


  • Skill Level: Advanced

  • Our intended audience are EMDR trained therapists who have completed Dr. Jarero's Advanced EMDR Training for Early Intervention and Ongoing Traumatic Stress.



  • Full refund minus $50 administrative fee up to 14 days before training. No refund within 14 days of training.


  • You will receive a login and password (by email) for our online training portal (Scaling Up Hub) on the day your course starts (or on the day you purchase the course, if on-demand or if the course has already began).

  • You will have access to all course materials 90 days after the last Q&A session is scheduled (or 90 days after purchase for the on-demand only training). After 90 days, you will be given the option to continue to receive access to the course materials for $40 per month. 

EMDRIA Continuing Education Units (CEU) Credits


This training provides a certificate for 5 EMDRIA CEU’s. These CEU’s will be provided by the EMDR International Association (EMDRIA). It is necessary to participate in 100% of the training to receive the credits of Continuing Education. A certificate for these CEU's is included in the price of the training. Only participants who have completed an EMDRIA-Approved EMDR Basic Training are eligible for the EMDRIA credits.


Note: Due to pending applications, additional CE's are not available for the Advanced EMDR online training at this time. Online course participants will still receive 5 EMDRIA credits. 



I recently completed Dr. Jarero's 4 module training on the ASSYST and PRECI-OTS. Let me just say that the PRECI-OTS protocol has changed my practice dramatically in just 3 weeks. My clients are shifting like never before.

I can't tell you how valuable this resource has quickly become to me.       - Melissa Spaulding

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Dr. Ignacio "Nacho" Jarero

Ignacio (Nacho) Jarero, Ph.D., Ed.D., is the world pioneer in the provision of EMDR therapy in a group format, in-person and online, AIP-informed Advance Psychosocial Interventions for trauma-exposed populations, and AIP-informed Remote Assistance. He is an Expert Certified TeleMental Health Clinician. For his humanitarian services around the world with nearly 200 deployments since 1998, he has received the Francine Shapiro Award, the International Crisis Response Leadership Award, and the Psychotrauma Trajectory Award. For his research work with EMDR therapy, he received the EMDRIA Outstanding Research Award. Dr. Jarero is EMDR Institute Senior Trainer of Trainers and Advance Specialty Trainer and has conducted seminars and workshops around the world with participants of 67 different countries.

Kelly Smyth-Dent, LCSW
(Sponsor & Facilitator) 

Kelly is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) and the CEO of Scaling Up. She has conducted trainings on the EMDR-PRECI, EMDR-IGTP and the ASSYST in France, Ethiopia, Bangladesh, India and throughout the United States. She is a published researcher and a member of Dr. Jarero's research team in Mexico. In her role as a humanitarian worker, she has partnered with organizations, such as Action Against Hunger, Fortify Rights, and Innovative Humanitarian Solutions, to provide EMDR therapy and advanced trainings to their staff and clients. Kelly was a member of the team that provided rapid response interventions within days after the August 3, 2019 domestic terrorist attack in El Paso, Texas. Her specialty area is populations living with ongoing traumatic stress. When Kelly is not traveling, she sees clients in her private practice in Reno, Nevada.

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This workshop is held in facilities which are in compliance with the Americans Disabilities Act. Please contact the Scaling Up Team at if special accommodations are required.

Scaling Up maintains responsibility for this program and its content in accordance with EMDRIA requirements.

Audio/Video/Photo Disclosure: Some of the trainings will be audio and/or video recorded. Additionally, photos may be taken and used for website and other promotional materials. By registering for this training you are consenting that you are in agreement of and aware of this disclosure agreement.

There are no known conflicts of interests for this workshop. All grievances must be in writing to, and will be replied to within 5 - 10 business days.