As part of our mission statement at Scaling Up, we want our trainings and services to be accessible and affordable for all clinicians who would benefit from them. We know that many mental health therapists are faced with socioeconomic and/or other barriers that make it difficult to afford our registration fees. As a result, we developed a Financial Accessibility Plan to provide a variety of options to help those who need monetary support to attend our trainings. If you, or a clinician you know, cannot afford to pay full price for one of our trainings, check out the options below that aim to increase access.




We offer a variety of group discount options for many of our training programs. Group discounts may be offered for agencies, membership cohorts, groups of individual practitioners and other professional groups. Send us a message to inquire about available group discount options.




If you are able to pay the full registration fee but need to space out payments, we provide flexible payment plans that allow for you to pay in two (2) or three (3) monthly installments. Send us a message to arrange your payment plan.






We know that many mental health therapists experience inequitable employment and compensation that make it extremely challenging to afford advanced clinical training and professional development. There are others enduring financial hardship for a variety of reasons. 

The Scaling Up Scholarship Program exists to remove financial barriers that prevent clinicians from accessing effective trainings that will increase their capacity to facilitate mental health and crisis interventions for their clients. 

The Scholarship Fund provides partial scholarships to licensed mental health professionals. Priority is given to Black, Indigenous, other people of color (BIPOC), LGBTQ+, disabled and other minoritized clinicians.  

The Scholarship Program typically has a waiting list. Potential recipients may experience waitlist times of up to 4 months or more, depending on contributions received. Scaling Up sponsors four (4) scholarships per month in addition to the scholarships awarded using donated money.

The Scholarship Fund is currently available for the following on demand trainings:

We are also offering 1 discounted slot for each cohort of the following live trainings:

Click Here To Submit Your Scholarship Application (English).

Haga clic aquí para enviar su solicitud de beca (español).


Scholarships are awarded in the order applications are received.


The Scholarship Fund is open for one-time or monthly contributions to expand the amount of scholarships awarded each month. If you would like to contribute to the Fund, you may submit your contribution by click the "Donate" button below.


All of the money contributed to the Scholarship Fund will be allocated to scholarship recipients. Contributors will receive regular Scholarship Fund updates for celebratory and transparency purposes. 



Below are other programs that we invest in and support, as an effort to enhance equitable services in sustainable ways for both our customers, clients and staff.


This certification will help Scaling Up structure its business in an equitable and sustainable way for both contractors, profit shares and customers. We’ll be pursuing this process to ensure that the plans for Scaling Up are built on a solid legal structure that aligns with our mission and enhances accessibility, affordability and equitable treatment for everyone.



Mental Health Support (MHS) Branch: This branch's goal is to offer MHS to very specific target groups. For example, working with 18 psychologists from the International Red Cross working in Honduras that need urgent help. Mexican clinicians (lead by Yael) with expensive experience using the ASSYST R&G will share their expertise with clinicians in order to create a highly trained team of clinicians that will grow with the new clinicians that we will incorporate from the Fundraising Branch. 

Fundraising Branch: This branches goal is to offer low-cost webinars with special guests like Dr. Jarero, Lucina Artigas, Paula Moreno, Adrian Cillo, Sandra Baita, etc., to give scholarships to licensed clinicians from low-income countries in Latin America. A portion of all training purchases at Scaling Up are donated to enhance research and provide pro bono services and humanitarian work.

Project board of directors: Amalia Osorio, Lucina Artigas, Yeal Becker, and Ignacio Jarero.

Project Global Coordinator: Yael Becker.

Project first sponsors: EMDR México, AMEMECRISIS, Ágape, EMDR Guatemala, EMDR Honduras, Psychotrauma Costa Rica.